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Would You Rather Be Photographed at Home?

Would you rather have photography at home?

Is the thought of a photo shoot at a studio more stress than you can deal with?  Are you too busy to herd up the whole family and ask them to be on their best behaviour for a couple of hours, in a strange place with a strange lady with a big camera?  If you have small children you may be concerned that they might be a little confused about a photoshoot, especially if they are also very energetic and might not behave in a strange and confined space.  Or is it simply that you want a more personal feel to your photographs?

photo shoots at home

Is it the Personal Feel You’re After?

Do you want your photographs to be more personal and meaningful to you because they we’re taken in your home?  You can chat to me any time about a family photo shoot at your home, or you may prefer to be photographed at a favourite location that means something to you and your family.  I am sometimes asked along to family celebrations at home because this is often the only time extended families get together and so it’s the perfect opportunity to have some professional photographs taken.  If you are planning a big family get together for a special birthday, anniversary, christening or just because you feel it’s time to have the whole family come together I strongly advise that you capture this special time in photographs.

family photography at home

This family on these photographs live on a lovely little farm in Leicestershire and their photo shoot was great fun. very personal to them and they are delighted with their photographs.  The children were very energetic and ran around at 100 miles an hour around their fields and home and took great delight in showing me their new baby cows, the areas where they like to play and the tractors, trees and hay bales they love to climb.  Of course I was equally delighted to have an abundance of lovely areas to photograph the family.  We started with a few family photographs in the kitchen whilst they were still interested in the whole photo shoot scenario.  As soon as they started to lose interest (within about 15 minutes) we continued with photographs outside in the fresh air and they got to burn off some energy, doing what they do most days.

family photography at home

I treated this photo shoot like a little adventure, to a certain extent allowing the children to take control, show me around their home and working around their ’50 miles an hour’ energy.  There was absolutely no point in asking these children to remain still.  I would  have been fighting a losing battle from the minute I arrived.

Note:  Dad was super busy on his farm and was with us for around 20 minutes for a few family portraits in and around the farm, then he was off doing his ‘dad stuff’.  I think he was happy not to hang around for the whole time we were on our adventure.

For further details of family photography sessions at home just click  HERE

If you would like to view more images please take a look at my gallery of studio and location photographs HERE.  Or if you would prefer to chat to me about your family photography ideas and inspirations or book in your family photography session at home please feel free to call me on 01455 233224.

Family Photography Leicestershire

Are you thinking about booking a portrait photographer?  Do want natural, very relaxed, fun photographs of you and your family?  If this is the case, I could be the lady for you?  I very much love to photograph families on location.  I find that children have far more fun being photographed outdoors where they can run free.  Studio photography is sometimes a little restrictive, especially if your children are a little lively.    Often parents can become a little tense if their children are not playing ball during a studio session.  However, allowing your children the space and freedom to run around whilst I photograph them, will inevitably lead to photographs similar to these examples shown here.  And just as important – you will enjoy the photo shoot and not get stressed or unhappy if your children don’t play by the rules in a studio environment.

I often run 45 minute ‘mini’ sessions at Burbage Common in Leicestershire.  However if you would like to book a ‘one off’ photography session, I can meet you at your favourite park, woods, or even come and photograph you in your garden at home.

Please call me on 01455 233224 to discuss a photography session and I will chat to you about locations, what to wear etc.

Photography should not be tense and unexciting, it should be fun, relaxed and a pleasant experience for everyone.  Call me – Lesley Bee today on 01455 233224.

Children’s Portraits on Location

Would you prefer a location photo shoot of your family or children, away from the informality and confined space of the studio?  Location photography is the perfect way to let your children run around and have fun, whilst they are being photographed.  All of the images are taken using my zoom lens so I could photograph them from a distance and they could carry on having fun.   And the results?  Relaxed, informal photography of two little brothers spending time together.  For further information on children’s portraits on location, please contact Lesley Bee on 01455 233224.  I am  happy to meet you at your home or a favourite location to photograph your children.