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Leicester Portrait Photographer

Are you looking for a Leicester Portrait Photographer?  Is it important that you feel relaxed and at ease during what can be an intimidating experience?  I have 9 years experience of photographing lots and lots of families at my studio here at the Atkins Building, here in Hinckley, Leicestershire.  Both my studio and office are located here at this amazing converted hosiery factory.  The space is light, airy and contemporary.  There is a lovely coffee shop here at the Atkins building, and it’s just 2 minutes walk into the town centre of Hinckley, should you wish to do some shopping either before or after your photo shoot.   I have photographed many, many families both large and small and some have even brought their dogs along to the photo shoot session.  So whether you require photography of your children, or photography of multiple generations of your family, your dog, your newborn  baby or you and your grandparents, please contact me today to discuss your portrait photography.

I take pride in offering a very relaxed, stress free photo shoot so that you enjoy being photographed and feel completely at ease in front of the camera.  I understand that sometimes small children may not co-operate and can take a little time to ‘play ball’…  So, it is important that your photography session is not rushed and that patience and understanding is paramount.  I am a ‘people person’ and nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing that you and your children have had a fun time in the studio.

You are most welcome to call me to discuss your portrait photography requirements.  I can advise you on clothing, how long your session will take and the processes involved once you have been photographed.





Family Photography Leicestershire

Are you thinking about booking a portrait photographer?  Do want natural, very relaxed, fun photographs of you and your family?  If this is the case, I could be the lady for you?  I very much love to photograph families on location.  I find that children have far more fun being photographed outdoors where they can run free.  Studio photography is sometimes a little restrictive, especially if your children are a little lively.    Often parents can become a little tense if their children are not playing ball during a studio session.  However, allowing your children the space and freedom to run around whilst I photograph them, will inevitably lead to photographs similar to these examples shown here.  And just as important – you will enjoy the photo shoot and not get stressed or unhappy if your children don’t play by the rules in a studio environment.

I often run 45 minute ‘mini’ sessions at Burbage Common in Leicestershire.  However if you would like to book a ‘one off’ photography session, I can meet you at your favourite park, woods, or even come and photograph you in your garden at home.

Please call me on 01455 233224 to discuss a photography session and I will chat to you about locations, what to wear etc.

Photography should not be tense and unexciting, it should be fun, relaxed and a pleasant experience for everyone.  Call me – Lesley Bee today on 01455 233224.

Please Print Your Memories

A big question to all of you out there?  Do you print your memories?  If the answer is no?  Why not?    Are your portrait or wedding photographs stored on a disc or USB device, hiding away in a drawer or cupboard somewhere?  If so, this is such a shame.  These days, unfortunately, our photographs are stored on electronic devices and we need actual electricity to view our treasured memories – we live in a digital age – fact.  Photographs are stored on mobile phones, computers, tablets  and discs / USB devices.  This makes me a little sad – and I am on a mission to encourage my clients and non clients to print out their photographs.  I make a massive effort to go through my own personal photographs, even if it’s at the end of the year.  Many of these are just family snaps taken on special occasions but I have to get them printed.  I take just a couple of hours and go through my folders of personal photographs sitting on my computer and create a simple coffee table book, or print out 6×4 prints to put in a box and store away safely.  These are for my children.  I have heard lots of horror stories about precious photographs being lost forever because they were not backed up or printed.  So very sad to lose such precious memories, never to be retrieved again.

Your photographs are not just for you,  they are for your children, and your children’s children.  Precious memories of your family get togethers, your children growing up, your family holidays, weddings, christenings, birthdays… the list goes on.  Where are all of these wonderful photographs?  In most cases they are stored digitally somewhere.  No physical  photographs to touch and hold and feel, and pass around the family.  No actual photographs to leave behind for your children and grandchildren.

I have no issues with providing digital images to any client.  I would much prefer for my wedding couples to have an actual wedding album, but we are living in a digital age and I have to move with the times.  However, what worries me is that a lot of clients only want digital files and nothing else.  And in most cases these photographs from your fabulous portrait session, or your amazing wedding day, or your family party, sit somewhere out of view on a computer or a disc / USB in a long forgotten, hidden place.  I’ve spoken to many wedding clients a year or two after their wedding day and asked if they have printed out their photographs, and often their reply is ‘no’.   Why?  The most important day of your life and no physical photographs to show for it.  Your wedding dress will be cleaned and stored away, your flowers will have wilted and died and every aspect of your day will be just a memory.  The only tangible thing you have after this day are your photographs.  Print them…   and enjoy them.

If you really, really love your photographs from your wedding day or your professional photography session, print them out – and print them out straight away.  Better still, choose one of your favourite photographs and have it professionally framed  and finished to showcase  on your wall at home and enjoy it every single day.  Even if you are not  a big fan of large photographs on your wall (believe it or not – I don’t have any really large prints of me or my family on my walls at home),  you could always print out smaller sized desk prints to have on display on  your favourite cabinet or shelf at home for you and your family to enjoy and see, every single day.  Or have one or two on your desk  whilst you get through the daily grind of your 9-5  job.

It’s so simple and easy these days to upload your photographs to a printing company, and order your photographs.   It takes minutes, if not seconds.  And within a few days you will have hard copies of your photographs to enjoy and pass on to future generations.  I feel very sad sometimes when wedding clients only want to have digital files of their wedding day.  Wedding albums are so important and your wedding album will be a future heirloom to be enjoyed for years and years to come, probably many, many years after you have departed from this earth.    With this in mind I have launched a montage print purposely designed for wedding day clients.  I understand that it must be so difficult to choose your favourite photographs from your wedding day to display on your wall at home.  Especially if you have hundreds of images to choose from.  I can design you a fabulous montage telling a story of your wedding day or family celebration that you will enjoy for years to come.  Take a look at this montage and if you are a past or present client, let me do the hard work for you.  Let me tell a story of your wedding day or your family celebration or get together.  I was there… I was part of your day.  You can then collect your finished piece of wall art, ready to hang on your wall and enjoy it every single day.

Print out your photographs… xxx