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Precious times – Baby Photography

So many precious times that should be captured in beautiful photographs that you will treasure forever – baby photography being the perfect example.  It’s so easy to let the birth of your baby  pass by – and it will, absolutely in the blink of an eye.  But if you have booked a baby photography photo shoot you will have your beautiful, professional photographs to treasure these memories for many years to come.  big sister and baby

This sweet little pair came to the studio for a baby photography session and of course we had to capture some photographs of big sister having some cuddles with her new baby sister.  Mummy was so delighted that we managed to capture these beautiful photographs, alongside photographs of her new baby and we were super lucky that she was so settled that we managed to get some family and parent photographs too.  This session took around 2-3 hours and was peaceful and relaxed.

Time will go so quickly and your new baby will grow and change daily.  So don’t miss out on this chance for professional photography.  You can book your newborn photo shoot as early as scan stage or you can book towards the later stages of your pregnancy.  We will discuss a mutually convenient day and time for you and your family and when your new baby arrives we will confirm your appointment for your photo shoot.

The newborn photography photo shoots are very much baby led and I will work around feeding, cuddles and changing.  It’s a very relaxed studio photo shoot with lots of breaks and parents often comment on how it was nice to get out of the house for a few hours and to relax and switch off for a short time.

The newborn photography session information is available HERE including details of pricing details.  You may prefer to call and chat more about this lovely session so please feel free to call 01455 233224 if this is your preferred option.

Baby Photography

Baby photography – different stages.  What do I recommend?   Well, I would say that having your baby photographed at newborn stage is a lovely time to book a professional photo shoot.  Those early days are so precious and fleeting.  Capturing baby photography at this stage is going to mean so much to you in the future.  Why?  Because your newborn will change so quickly and you will forget just how tiny they really were.  Those beautiful tiny toes and fingers.  The gorgeous sleepy, milky smiles and expressions.  All so cute but your newborn baby is changing and growing all the time.

baby photography leicester

But I understand that baby photography at newborn stage might just be the furthest thing from your mind.  It might not be the stage at which you would like your baby photographed.  Often new parents are super organised and will organise a baby photography photo shoot as early as scan stage.  Or I may chat to expectant parents towards the end of the pregnancy to book in a provisional date for a newborn photo shoot.  We can book in your newborn baby photography photoshoot at around 10 days after your due date.  But of course we don’t know when new babies are going to enter the world so of course this date has to be a little flexible.  All I ask is that new parents contact me as soon as their baby arrives and we may have to do a little juggling with dates to book in the baby photography session.

If for one reason or another you would prefer to have your baby photography photo shoot when your baby is a little older then this baby photography session can also be booked.   I recommend that the next stage to book a baby photography photo shoot is at the sitting up stage.  Your baby will be full of personality a this age and full of smiles and giggles.  Now I mention sitting up stage but it’s also very important to note that sitting up stage is great but it’s best to book this in before they start to crawl.

baby photos leicester

Once your baby is off on their adventures and crawling it’s more difficult to keep them in one place in the studio.  It’s not impossible to photograph your baby at this stage but often when they are a little more mobile they are on their own voyage of discovery and we will spend more time putting them back in front of the studio lights to get the photographs.  This often leads to your inquisitive baby becoming frustrated and upset that they can’t crawl around and enjoy the new surroundings.

So, if you’re thinking of professional baby photography of your little baby you are most welcome to call me on 01455 233224 or email:  info@lesleybee.co.uk

For images of newborn baby photography please click HERE.  Prices are HERE.

If it’s older baby photography please click HERE  where you will see some lovely family photographs including older babies.

First Birthday Cake Smash Photography

Are you thinking about a first birthday cake smash photography experience?  Is your baby about to celebrate their very first birthday.  A really precious milestone in their lives and a lovely age to have professional photographs taken.  This little cutie had a fabulous time at her cake smash photo shoot.  We started the photo session with some lovely portrait photographs with mummy and daddy on hand to ensure she was happy at all times.  It’s important to take some traditional portraits before we commence with the mess of the cake smash!  It’s great to have some time when you first arrive to take standard beautiful portraits.


Once we have taken the portrait photographs which require just 5-10 minutes it’s then time to bring the cake out for your baby.  This is the fun bit and the time to allow them to get as messy as they want.  This is such a fun part of the overall session.  Taste touch, feel, smell – such also a lovely experience for your baby.  I have props at the studio that you can use including outfits, cake stands, bunting, wooden spoons etc.  Some parents like to really personalise their photo shoot and would prefer to bring along some favourite outfits and toys.   This little baby in these photographs is using all of my studio props including the fabric bunting, the tin bath, white towels, wooden spoon, bath toys etc.  The dress is also available (amongst other beautiful outfits) for you to use at the photo shoot.  The choice is absolutely yours.

It’s important not to rush this photo shoot session however I am also aware when baby is getting a little tired too.  The first part of the photo session cannot take too much time as your baby may become tired or uninterested but I can guarantee that when the cake comes babies get a second wind and love this interactive experience.  Of course, I wouldn’t want you to go home with a sticky, messy baby so we also have a little bit of bath time too at the end of the session which allows us to get your baby all cleaned up, wrapped in a towel and a bit of snuggle time with parents.  By this point in time, I promise you your baby will be worn out, perhaps ready for some milk and definitely ready for a little nap.

The full session lasts around an hour, sometimes a little longer and the session fee is £60 for the photo shoot including a complimentary 10×8 print.  You will also be invited back to the studio around 1-2 weeks after the cake smash photo shoot to see your final set of images which will be digitally enhanced and looking wonderful for your ordering session.   I will present your final gallery to you in a lovely slide show for you to enjoy.  

Please note unfortunately I do not provide the cake for these photo sessions due to the risk of allergies but I do have contacts for cake makers and there are also some lovely giant cup cakes available at some supermarkets.  The birthday cake in these photographs was made by her mummy as this little one has a lot of allergies.  

If you would like to book a first birthday cake smash photo shoot please do give me a call on 01455 233224 to discuss a date or to chat about the photo shoot in more detail.

First birthday cake smash photography is a fabulous keepsake of your baby’s special birthday.  

How to have the best newborn baby photography session…

I’ve photographed many newborn babies in the studio, and also visited new mummies at home to photograph their new babies…  I thought it was about time I wrote a quick blog on how to have the best newborn baby photography session.  Many mummies presume that all you have to do is bring along your newborn baby and we can take amazing sleepy, cosy, cute photography for the whole session…  Wrong!  Newborn baby photography is a completely different kind of photoshoot and takes a very long time…  Many of the new babies I have photographed have been in my studio for 2 hours and some for as long as 4 hours.  Planning is essential for your photo shoot with your newborn baby.  Planning and patience are key.  It is also essential that the atmosphere is calm, warm and comfortable for your baby.

So here goes…  some top tips on how to have the best newborn baby photography session:-

1)  Your newborn photography session should be booked as early as possible.  We can pencil in your due date and once your new baby arrives we can arrange a suitable date and time for your session.  You may wish to call me to discuss your newborn baby photo shoot during the later stages of your pregnancy and we can have an informal chat about the session.

2)  The perfect age to photograph your new baby is between 5-10 day s old.  This is the time when your newborn will be sleepy, content and easy to move around.  I am patient and will work around your baby with minimal fuss, and of course lots of breaks for cuddles, changing and feeding if necessary.  I will not rush your baby photography session.  It is important that you feel relaxed and enjoy the experience.  A cappuccino and some relaxation is important for mummy, whilst I work my magic..

3) Essential items to bring to your photo shoot include:-

–  Spare bottles should your newborn become hungry during the session and require a ‘top up’ feed.  However, as previously mentioned, it is important that you feed your baby just before leaving the house.

– Favourite blankets, cuddly toys etc which you may wish to have featured in your photographs.  This will personalise your photographs.  However, please note I have a large selection of hats, blankets, wraps and props for use during the session.

If you are expecting a new baby and would like to discuss a newborn baby photography photo shoot, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01455 233224  to discuss the options or to book your session.



Newborn Photography – Collections by Lesley Bee

Newborn photography – Collections by Lesley Bee. The first few days of your newborn baby’s life are such an amazing, magical time and these early days should be captured forever. In the ‘blink of an eye’ your new baby will grow and change. As a mum of two teenage girls, I can assure you that before you know it, your children are all grown up, independent and don’t need mummy so much anymore.

I offer newborn photography sessions at my studio in the Atkins Building, in the centre of Hinckley, Leicestershire. Alternatively I can also visit you at your home to photograph your new baby.

It is recommended that you book your newborn photo shoot as early as possible during the later stages of your pregnancy. We can pencil in your due date and once your baby arrives we can arrange a suitable date and time for your photography.

The perfect age to photograph your newborn baby is between 5 and 10 days old. This is the time when your baby will be sleepy and I can create the adorable poses and sweet, wrapped up, cuddly photographs.

Beautiful collections by Lesley Bee are available to purchase at your ordering session which takes place around 1-2 weeks after your photo shoot. The perfect collection available for your images, following your photography session is the digital book and USB. This stunning product is a collection of your photographs presented in a quality, photographically printed book of 15 spreads and a USB stick. The book USB stick and presentation box are all personalised and there are a number of cover options for you to choose from. It’s a really stunning product.