Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2018 is particularly early this year.  I know this because it’s usually the week after my birthday on 23rd March.  So I always feel extra spoilt at this time of year, with a birthday followed by Mother’s Day.  Have you planned your gift for your lovely mum yet this Mother’s Day yet?  What do you think she would love for her Mother’s Day gift this year?  Flowers and chocolate are quite often the ‘go to’ gift of choice or maybe her favourite perfume or a meal out.

mother's day gift voucher

But have you ever thought about perhaps giving your special mum the gift of ‘memories’.  How often do you all get together as a family?   If you’re anything like my family it’s very rare these days that my husband, myself and my two grown up girls with very busy social lives actually get together.  It’s rare that we even manage to sit down and eat together at the same time!  And I know this is the case for many families in the 21st century.

So you can buy mum that bottle of perfume that will soon be empty, or those beautiful flowers which will last a week or two if you’re lucky, or that expensive chocolate (which secretly you know you will eat too).  But you could also arrange something that will get you all together as a family in the form of  a ‘win win’ gift.   Mum gets you all in a room at the same time and as a result of this family get together she will have some beautiful family portraits that she will adore absolutely FOREVER!  I have had many families at my studio for celebration photo shoots such as special birthdays, anniversaries etc and I love to see families coming together at my studio.  Always gives me a fuzzy, warm feeling.

Mum’s are so precious, so loved and always there for you during the good times or the bad and often we take our mums for granted on a regular basis.  But it doesn’t matter how many friends you have, when times are really tough we are more likely to turn to mum than anybody else.  Mother’s Day is the one day in a year that you can really show mum how much you appreciate her and treat her to something nice.   You are most welcome to call me on 01455 233224 to buy a gift voucher for your lovely mum or you can purchase one via this LINK

So, go on…  get some extra big ‘brownie points’ this Mother’s Day and delight your wonderful mum.  xx

Published Date: 26th February 2018
Category: Leicester Photographer
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