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I’ve Made A Discovery…

Ok, so here goes…   I am making a confession. I’m an addict.  Yes…  an addict.  However, please don’t get the wrong end of the stick…

It’s not as bad as it sounds…  I’m a social media addict

I don’t drink (never really liked the taste of the stuff if I’m honest),  I don’t smoke and I certainly don’t ‘do’ drugs… But, I’m a bit addicted to Facebook and Twitter – A Social Media fiend?   Probably.   Why?…  Well, it’s largely because I work alone (any excuse I hear you say).  I work alone a lot when I am in my office in front of my beloved MAC screen.

Of course I don’t work alone all the time.  I photograph people, lots of people…  I absolutely love to be around other human beings.   But when I am in front of my computer and working solo – ploughing through editing following my studio or location photography sessions or wedding commissions…  I get sidetracked.  I get distracted…  I don’t focus.  Why?  Because I love to have my Facebook page open whilst I work and I often check Twitter during the day too – might as well whilst I’m online.  You know the thing – a quick retweet or favourite on a tweet, and a quick LIKE or SHARE to spread the word on Facebook…  A couple of my own personal or business updates – a must!

And the next thing I know, I’m distracted, I’ve ended up on some other website somewhere in ‘Google Land’ and in the meantime I’ve accidentally purchased a dress online that I didn’t really need.   Suddenly, half an hour later I’ve checked out some lovely hotels in Italy and searched for a new bedding set after somehow ending up on Pinterest… I know!  You’ve been there haven’t you?  And suddenly I realise I’ve wasted a couple of hours and I’ve lost track of what I am supposed to be doing… And then I get frustrated.. and a bit annoyed.    Time is money and all that!

So today, I attended a ‘Blogging For Business’ seminar, organised by the E Business Club and funded by The East Midlands Chamber and the European Chamber.  And this seminar was FREE… Yes, I said FREE.  What do you get for FREE these days? It was a ‘no brainer’ to take a day out of my busy schedule and get myself to the venue and gain some insight and understanding into the world of Blogging.   Added bonus?  I also did some networking with some lovely other people too.  I knew I needed to kickstart my blogging (again) to make a difference to the performance of my website,  and to step away from social media (not entirely – that would be almost impossible for me).  I have a Blog.  I’ve had a Blog for years… but updating it has been sporadic to say the least.

So why did I decide to book on to this seminar?  Because despite the fact that I don’t fully understand SEO, Google algorithms, metatags, tag lines,  blah, blah, blah… I know that having a Blog is important – because I had heard it somewhere.  However I make my money from taking photographs – not understanding Google and its workings.  But I have learnt, somewhere along the way that blogging is important for the SEO (search engine optimisation) of my beloved, cherished website,   and this can only have a positive effect on my Google rankings for my website.  Right?  Absolutely right.   And guess what?  I learnt today that none of it is rocket science.  And thanks to the fantastic tutor Liam today… who kept things simple and relevant and straight to the point,  and absolutely didn’t blind us with science –  I learnt a lot.    Blogging is basically the perfect tool for freshening up your website regularly… Simple!   Google likes freshness and newness to your website and the easiest way to achieve this is to add new content regularly.  In my case, it’s better to have my Blog page open throughout the day and close down my Social Media and save that for down time at home…  Because… I don’t update my actual website regularly… Who does that?  Who has the time for that?

I post to my Facebook business page throughout the day… Sometimes once or twice.   Sometimes I go a bit Facebook crazy and manage to bore myself to death in the process.  This is great for my Facebook fans, but does absolutely nothing for my website rankings – because I’m not sending anybody to my website, who could potentially stay on my site and have a little look around and perhaps even fill out the enquiry form online.   Currently, I am simply keeping my followers  updated via Facebook and Twitter – they don’t need to check out my website.  And I suppose it’s all about the ‘instant’ with Facebook and Twitter – that nice feeling that there will be someone online just like me, at that moment in time, to hit the ‘LIKE’ or ‘SHARE’ button.  Instant gratification?  Probably…  And hopefully followed by a nice comment about the cute newborn baby I have just shared with folks on social media.   It also rids me of the loneliness I sometimes feel whilst editing the gorgeous newborn baby on my screen, or sorting through the hundreds of images of the stunning bride from a recent wedding I have photographed.  Believe me I spend more time on my computer than I do taking photographs.

So – here I am at home tonight…  The Brit Awards are on tv and Ed Sheeran is doing a sterling job, and I’m here with the lap top – and I’m Blogging.   Because I know that it’s important for my business and I am passionate about my business.   And I intend to blog more and Facebook less…  share the links to my website and hopefully take over the world…

Here’s to new beginnings, getting focussed, and blogging…  Onwards and upwards.




Published Date: 25th February 2015
Category: My Musings
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