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Family Portrait Photography in Hinckley, Leicestershire

Here at my lovely bright and airy portrait studios in the Atkins Building in Hinckley, Leicestershire I offer relaxed and informal family portrait photography for families of all sizes. My studio is spacious enough to accommodate larger groups and is easily accessible. It’s located in the centre of Hinckley with parking just across the road and disabled access if needed.

Whether you are booking a portrait session for a couple, for the children or even for a large extended family group you can be guaranteed a warm welcome, a relaxed and fun session and a professional and friendly service at every stage of the process. I offer a personal service which starts with an initial consultation where we can discuss your expectations for the photoshoot, we can chat about any ideas or inspiration you might have for your family portrait session or you can leave that part in my capable hands if you prefer! I’m endlessly patient, especially with little ones, and your session won’t be over until I have captured a great selection of beautiful images.

Weekday family portrait sessions are available up to 7pm and the session fee is just £45. You can also book a weekend family photoshoot at a session fee of £60. All sessions include a complimentary 10×8” print.

Your session fee includes my time and talent on the day and in editing the best images afterwards. You will be invited back to the studio to view your images and choose your favourites, you will be able to view sample products and I will take time to help you choose the best way to display your images.

If you would like to have a chat about booking your own family studio portrait session or wish to request a full price list please call Lesley on 01455 233224 or fill in the form on the Contact Page.


Published Date: 22nd November 2016
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Studio Portrait Photography in Hinckley, Leicestershire

I often feel very fortunate that I’m able to welcome anyone who books a portrait photography session with me to a studio that’s in a location as beautiful as the Atkins Building in Hinckley, Leicestershire. The Atkins Building is a former hosiery factory that has been converted to a wonderful space that is now home to lots of creative businesses and even has a coffee shop.

My own space in the building is a lovely bright and airy photography studio. It’s very spacious so I’m able to offer studio portrait sessions right from babies through to larger groups such as extended families, corporate teams and groups of friends.

As you can see from this gorgeous group of cousins, the space is perfect for larger groups.

My studio portraits are very relaxed and informal and I’m endlessly patient. Which comes in handy, especially when photographing small children and pets!

I offer a friendly and personal service, starting with an initial consultation where we can chat about your portrait session, I can offer advice on clothing etc. and help with any other concerns you might have. I totally understand that booking a photography session might sometimes seem a little daunting.

Saturday studio portrait photography sessions cost just £60 and midweek sessions are £45. Your session fee includes my time and talent on the day, my skills in editing the best images and a viewing session where you will return to the studio and I will help you choose your favourite images. You will also receive a complementary 10×8” gift print.

I offer a range of beautiful products to display your favourite images including canvases, bespoke framed images, print collections, albums and digital collections. I’ll show you samples and take time to help with your choice at the viewing session.

Studio portrait photography sessions are available for all of the following:

Babies and toddlers
Teenagers (including groups of friends for birthdays etc)
Extended families
Corporate headshots (individuals and groups)

I hope you enjoy this small selection of just a few of my favourite images from recent portrait sessions in the studio.






If you would like to have a chat about your own studio portrait session or wish to request a full price list please call Lesley on 01455 233224 or fill in the form on the Contact Page.




Published Date: 20th July 2016
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Queen Bee’s Bee Hive – My Photography Studio

I have just realised recently that I haven’t photographed my studio in a long time…  And I thought it was a great idea to do this now being as I have just had a little refurbishment.  When I say a little refurbishment, I really do mean little.  My photography studio was a little bit of a mess and I have been so busy in 2014 that I just haven’t had time to have a tidy up and clear out.

My top task for 2015 was to clear out, tidy up and rearrange my studio space…  And with the help of Maisie Bee we did this and took the opportunity to take some photographs too.

So these are some shots of my photography studio at the Atkins Building here in Hinckley, Leicestershire.  I have been a tenant at the Atkins Building for almost 5 years now and I love working here.  It’s a truly beautiful Grade II listed building which was redeveloped in 2010.   The whole building has been divided into creative studios and office spaces and has a fabulous, spacious art gallery and Cafe too.

I really love my studio space.  It’s got two massive windows which give me lots of lovely natural light – my favourite light to photograph with.  The original wood flooring is also my favourite feature of the room.  It’s a pleasure to work in this beautiful space.

Where possible I will use the natural light for my photography, especially newborn photography.  It’s the loveliest, most flattering light.  I especially find it flattering for business head shots and for more mature skin.  Sometimes studio lighting can be quite harsh.




Published Date: 13th March 2015
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Spoil Your Fabulous Mum This Mother’s Day

So how will you spoil your fabulous mum this Mother’s Day?  How do you show your mum just how much you love her this year?  Well, you can buy her some beautiful flowers or some of her favourite perfume, or perhaps take her out for a lovely meal.  Whatever you buy for your mum she already knows just how much you love her.

However, you can buy something for your mum that will be a gift to last forever…  So how about purchasing a Gift Voucher for a family photo shoot at my studio or on location in Leicestershire.  I have some beautiful, hand made Gift Vouchers that were created by the amazing Bee Happy Designs.

I decided last year that I wanted to have some new and very special Gift Vouchers for my clients.  I also knew that I wanted to hand over something really beautiful to my clients, that they would equally love to gift to someone very dear to them.  And so, a trip over to Bee Happy Designs HQ was a must.  Debbie, another ‘Busy Bee’ just like me was so lovely and absolutely knew what would work for my Gift Vouchers and she had such a lovely collection of samples to show to me too.

I absolutely adore my Photography Gift Vouchers and matching ‘Bee Happy’ tags.  Thank you ‘Bee Happy Designs’…

So, let’s get to the point about Mother’s Day…  You can take mum out for lunch, or buy her the perfume she loves or of course, the obligatory bouquet of flowers.  But I can 100% guarantee that a family photography session will be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and she will truly LOVE this gift.  Photographs are always treasured and in this day and age where digital images are stored on mobile devices and computers and the ‘selfie’ is king.. what better way to preserve memories for your mum than with a relaxed, fun photography session with her family including a complimentary mounted print?

Gift Vouchers start from £35 for a weekday studio session (evening appointments available) and all sessions include a complimentary print.  Weekday sessions also qualify for 10% off at your ordering session.

So… don’t delay… Call me, Lesley Bee today and I can provide you with a very pretty Gift Voucher for your special mum.  I can also post you your Gift Voucher to your home address if you can’t collect it from my studio in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Go on…  Let your mum know how much you love her…  Spoil Mum This Mother’s Day 🙂

IMG_8763_mothers day


Published Date: 4th March 2015
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Testimonials – Let Your Clients Do The Talking

I’m a firm believer in trusting clients to recommend you if they have had a great experience.  And, I am so delighted when my clients take the time to write a review on my Facebook Business page.  Often these reviews go unnoticed as Facebook often doesn’t alert me when I have had a review posted to my page.   This almost goes against what I am trying to say in this blog post.  I’ve given a great experience and service during a portrait photography session and the client has taken the time to write a review via the powers of Facebook and I discover the review, quite often, by accident.   Bad service by Facebook really… after all I am a client of Facebook.

So.. I will endeavour to regularly post up some reviews from clients along with the images to back them up.  I absolutely love to meet families, whether this is during a studio photography session, a location photography session, or of course at the weddings I photograph throughout the year.  I love to get to know my clients, and if I’m honest, I am a little bit nosey.  But nosey in a good way.  I love nothing better than hearing life stories.

Clients will often tell me some amazing things about their lives.  I suppose it’s like being at the hairdressers and suddenly you’re telling your stylist all your inner most secrets, life experiences and confiding in someone who you don’t really know that well.

I adore my clients – they are so loyal and I am certain that the majority of my new business comes through recommendation.  If I look after all my clients, give them a great experience and perhaps something over and above what they were expecting, then I know I have given them 100%.  And in turn, many of my clients are very loyal and come back again.

It’s really not difficult to offer that very personal service these days.  And I am proud that I can do this for each and every client I see.  From initial booking of a family photography session or wedding day coverage, right through to handing over images, I am so pleased to confirm 100% that my clients only deal with me – Lesley Bee.  And you know what?  If something is not right that client only has to speak to me to get their issues sorted.  Thankfully, I am proud to say, this is a rarity.  Why?  Because I am a bit of a control freak and love my clients to bits.  And I will give each and every person that steps through my door the best service I can, including lots of smiles, a bit of laughter and also a pinch of Lesley Bee love!

So – here’s a really lovely testimonial from a truly gorgeous family that I photographed recently.

“Lesley did a great job of our beautiful photos, even though our little girl would only sit still for a few seconds at a time!  The morning was great and we all had lots of fun and Lesley put us straight at ease. The photographs capture our personalities and are very natural, just what we were after. Thanks again, we will definitely be recommending!”  

If you don’t believe me, the Review is available to see on Facebook at Lesley Bee Photography.



Published Date: 27th February 2015
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