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Secrets to Getting a Great Business Head Shot

I have taken a lot of business head shots for local businesses in and around Leicestershire.  I have visited numerous businesses and photographed colleagues on site and have had lots of small local businesses visit me at my studio at the Atkins Building here in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

I am a real big fan of small local businesses, obviously because I am a small, local business too,  so I have empathy for everyone out there getting on with running their businesses every day.  It’s not an easy task.

I have just met a really lovely lady called Mel Fenson from Work Your Words in Lutterworth, who came to me for a business head shot.  And like all other clients that come to me for any kind of photography,  I heard lots of the same things ‘I hate having my photograph taken’, “I avoid the camera at all times”, “I feel a bit anxious”…. all the same thoughts and feelings that also run through my head when someone wants to take my photograph…

business head shots leicester

So let me tell you the secret to getting a great business head shot…  Make your clients feel relaxed…  It’s as simple as that and actually it’s not really a secret.   Creating flattering poses and of course having your lighting and camera settings spot on are of course so very important too.  But it doesn’t matter if you have all of the ingredients correct in terms of the technical and posing side of you session, if your client doesn’t feel relaxed, then you might as well give up there and then.  That’s the secret….

For me it’s about not rushing, it’s about chatting to your client and getting to know them just a little before even taking a photograph.  I always take a little time to say hello, get some conversation going on and taking an interest in them.  After all, most of the people who come to me for a business head shot are running small businesses just like me.. so we have lots in common for me to strike up a conversation.  And if it’s a family photo shoot or any type of photography session, the rules are the same – you can always find something in common with every person you meet in life.  Relaxed subjects equal relaxed and fabulous photographs – not really a secret after all… 🙂

Once I can feel that my client has loosened up a little and we have a rapport, I will start to take a few shots.  I do have some little tricks here and there for getting the best out of my subject when they are in front of the camera, but my best tip… keep talking and interacting.  It’s really that simple…

So, during and after our 10-15 minute session Mel and I had a chat and and of course Mel is a copywriter and a keen social media expert and blogger and we got on to the subject of blogging…  So, thank you to Mel who fed back to me that she felt relaxed and enjoyed the session and what a great subject this would be for me to write about…

I love meeting new businesses and I meet lots of people all of the time… but thank you to you Mel for the inspiration to write this before going home today.



Published Date: 27th March 2015
Category: Leicester Business Head Shots