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Baby photography – different stages.  What do I recommend?   Well, I would say that having your baby photographed at newborn stage is a lovely time to book a professional photo shoot.  Those early days are so precious and fleeting.  Capturing baby photography at this stage is going to mean so much to you in the future.  Why?  Because your newborn will change so quickly and you will forget just how tiny they really were.  Those beautiful tiny toes and fingers.  The gorgeous sleepy, milky smiles and expressions.  All so cute but your newborn baby is changing and growing all the time.

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But I understand that baby photography at newborn stage might just be the furthest thing from your mind.  It might not be the stage at which you would like your baby photographed.  Often new parents are super organised and will organise a baby photography photo shoot as early as scan stage.  Or I may chat to expectant parents towards the end of the pregnancy to book in a provisional date for a newborn photo shoot.  We can book in your newborn baby photography photoshoot at around 10 days after your due date.  But of course we don’t know when new babies are going to enter the world so of course this date has to be a little flexible.  All I ask is that new parents contact me as soon as their baby arrives and we may have to do a little juggling with dates to book in the baby photography session.

If for one reason or another you would prefer to have your baby photography photo shoot when your baby is a little older then this baby photography session can also be booked.   I recommend that the next stage to book a baby photography photo shoot is at the sitting up stage.  Your baby will be full of personality a this age and full of smiles and giggles.  Now I mention sitting up stage but it’s also very important to note that sitting up stage is great but it’s best to book this in before they start to crawl.

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Once your baby is off on their adventures and crawling it’s more difficult to keep them in one place in the studio.  It’s not impossible to photograph your baby at this stage but often when they are a little more mobile they are on their own voyage of discovery and we will spend more time putting them back in front of the studio lights to get the photographs.  This often leads to your inquisitive baby becoming frustrated and upset that they can’t crawl around and enjoy the new surroundings.

So, if you’re thinking of professional baby photography of your little baby you are most welcome to call me on 01455 233224 or email:

For images of newborn baby photography please click HERE.  Prices are HERE.

If it’s older baby photography please click HERE  where you will see some lovely family photographs including older babies.

Published Date: 8th March 2018
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