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Why You Should Get Together With Your Special Family

I am going to talk to you about why you should get together with your special family…  Because, we don’t do it very often do we? Come on, be honest?  How often do you see all of your close family, all together at the same time?  Life is just so busy and we merrily get on with our lives and barely stop to think for a moment.  Life just gets in the way and often social media makes us super lazy about seeing our families in the flesh, to just catch up, maybe have coffee or lunch or a meal out.  It’s often easier to send a quick Facebook message or to throw up an update to your Facebook page and feel like you’re keeping in touch…   And often it’s true that families only get together for weddings, Christmas and maybe the odd special Birthday (often even at Christmas someone is missing due to families living further apart)  The last time I saw my extended family it was at a funeral.

If you are having a family get together some time this year, maybe to celebrate a very special birthday, anniversary or just for a very rare get together, I challenge you to take as many photographs as possible.  Because, you know it’s not going to happen again for a long time.   If you are not particularly close to your family and you do manage a get together – it is even more important to record this special event with a few photographs.  It’s important, it’s a precious time.  Family photo shoots for a special special occasion are always the perfect way to have something after your celebration that will last absolutely forever.  You can do this yourself.  You may not be the best photographer in the world, but you can gather everyone together, young and old and take that all important photograph that is going to mean so much to you for many, many years to come.  Or if you can’t cope with the organisational skills, patience and tolerance required to take this photograph – book a professional.  Book someone who knows what they are doing, who can control a crowd and who isn’t fazed by a grumpy grandad or a lightning bolt 2 year old…    Because it’s not just taking the photograph that requires skill, but it’s patience, understanding and a very big sense of humour.

So think about this now…  are you getting together as a family for a special birthday, anniversary or just a very rare get together that you know for sure will not happen again in a long time?  Then it’s the perfect opportunity to have some professional photographs taken.  I have a really lovely, light and airy, comfortable photography studio located yards away from Hinckley town centre at the Atkins Building.  It’s a wonderful, relaxed space and I very much enjoy seeing extended families come together for photographs.  Because I know I am creating truly treasured memories that all the family will love forever.   Or, if you have booked a venue for your family occasion, it might be a hotel or a venue with some beautiful grounds or it could be a party in grandma’s garden,  I can visit you before or after the celebrations commence or be with you for the whole party and get some fantastic photographs.  We can do a bit of sheep herding and commence with photography of the whole rabble together… and once this mammoth task is completed I can then take photographs of grandparents with the children, grandparents with the grandchildren, plus lots of other photographs of individual families and of course, not forgetting the beautiful individual portraits of the children too.  Any combination of photographs you require I will take for you.  And you can enjoy your family celebration and spend time with those that you love and create memories.

I love to see generations of families coming together – we all have such busy lives and often we don’t get together with our families very often.  So remember this next time you are planning a big family party.    I am lucky if I get to see my Liverpool family all together, maybe once a year.  Distance and busy lives get in the way.

If you would like information on photo shoots click this link where you will find details of all of the fees for photography sessions.  You may wish to purchase a gift voucher for this purpose and you can see details of these by clicking this link .  I can also tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.  Don’t be shy – just ask.  🙂

Please don’t hesitate to call me on 01455 233224 to book me for your special family get together or to discuss your requirements. 

Family photography by Lesley Bee Photography.  Photographing families since 2006.



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