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Prom Ball Photography – How I Wish I Was Young Again!

This time of year is especially busy for lots of students, celebrating the end of their school year and ending this busy period with various celebrations – ‘going out with a bang’.  I have photographed a number of teenagers recently, dressed in their finery especially for their Prom parties . One of the prom balls I attended a week ago was at a local hotel  near Hinckley, The Weston Hall in Bulkington

I have taken photographs  at this ball for 3 years now and it is always nice to see the beautiful dresses that the girls wear, along with their elegant hair and make up –  it must cost the parents a fortune.   I am sure I will be spending lots of money in the future when both my daughters are old enough to ‘go to the ball’.   It is also fantastic to see the students arrive in their chosen mode of transport to get them to their event.   My favourite this year had to be the young chap who arrived in an ice cream van! Very quirky… especially as the ice cream van was playing some cheesy christmas music as it pulled up outside the venue.  Other modes of transport included a tandem, fire engine, articulated lorry, varoius stretch limousines etc.  Very glamorous!
Here are a selection of recent images taken at the Weston Hall Hotel, along with some taken at my studio when a group of girls who came along to be photographed at 5pm,  with their limousine arriving at 6pm to collect the group and escort them to their party.  I so wanted to jump in the limo and just wish I was a teenager again just to wear an amazing dress to the ball.


ball shots


Published Date: 7th July 2009
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